Friday, May 28, 2010

This is a film

This is a film
(translated by my dear sister, Julie-July)

After the webcast of my film "In the Tube with Carla." And the buzz generated on the Internet in France and worldwide, I want to clarify some things. The film was removed from servers Vimeo on May 24, 2010, after 65,000 viewings, for 3 days of webcast.

I had no pressure to remove it from the Elysee .All excerpts from TV shows that I used for the film are certainly still available on YouTube or elsewhere ... During his three-day webcast film "In The Tube with Carla" has been downloaded, copied, reshoot ... You can find copies everywhere. It will come up again, remixed, some will make episodes, it even provides a version in 3D ...

"In the Tube with Carla" is not a political film. In many recent television interviews Carla Bruni Sarkozy says that she's not involved in politics. She is an artist married to a politician.

The subject of the film "In the Tube with Carla" is quite different.

Today thousands of movies, series, songs, pictures, books can be found on the web without the permission of their creators. This is the case today for my film. The technological solutions considered to date are not effective in solving this part of the problem.

On the other hand, free access to these works through the Internet is simultaneously a fabulous opportunity for everyone to discover new talents and new forms of art.

This is the free nature of the network, and one reason for the success of the film "In the Tube with Carla." But The fact that it is free is causing some problems to artists.

At a time when YouTube receives each minute (!) 24 hours of new images (!). We really need to look for the right solutions that will reconcile the two.

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