Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A brief note about my movie "In the tube with Carla"

Dear all,

Yesterday at 5 PM, Vimeo website deleted my movie "In the Tube with Carla" from their website. During the day the movie made 45.000 connections (in three days 70.000) :

Dear Thomas Cazals:

Your video 'In the Tube with Carla(11733797)' has been removed for violating the Upload Rules of Vimeo.com:
Vimeo does not allow TV shows, movie trailers, or stuff you found on the web.

If you believe this was an error, please reply to this email in a civil manner with your reasoning ("I see other people do it" is not a valid reason).


I like very much the "vimeo" signature:)

My answer

Dear Vimeo,

The video that you've removed "In the Tube with Carla" is an artistic work. My movie recycles YouTube videos that I didn't put on the web. (like Andy Warhol have done by the past with Campbell's soup). I have downloaded them, edited them (creation) and re-shooted with a camera the editing of the movie (creation again) on my computer screen, in order to give it the final aesthetic.

I'm a filmaker and an auteur who try to work about new media and new form of art.

I really thought that "Vimeo" was a good place for that kind of thinking

I was wrong...


I really don't know if Viemo staff had any pression from Carla Bruni Sarkozy... Maybe, maybe not... I don't care

Today (Tuesday 25th May 2010), a lot of the press on-line speak about my movie "In the tube with Carla", like a french political affair. And the film doesn't more exist on the internet...Why ?

I want to keep artistic control on my movie. I have uploaded "In the Tube with Carla" on YouTube website (during one hour yesterday in the night). The success was amazing. But, I had to cut the movie in three parts for the upload. YouTube doesn't accept videos more longer than 8 minutes. I didn't like that, and all the commercial stuff on YouTube. In the night I have deleted all the files from my YouTube home page...

The movie "In the Tube with Carla" still exist... I just try to think about a good way  to broadcast it

all the best

Thomas Cazals


  1. I am with you. Where is opinion's free ? I was included your video in my blog
    ( francofolies.over-blog.es). Now there is an explanation and the video to dont forget...
    Thanks, it was a great job.
    Abel Carballiño

  2. Unfortunately I wasn't in time to watch the video, can you upload it again? Maybe you can use megavideo.com or megaupload for sharing back.

    Then, any chance to watch a day something like "In the tube with Silvio"? ;)

    Thanks for everything.
    Federico Briata