In the Tube with Carla (2010)
A Youtube portrait of Carla Bruni Sarkozy. All TV archives come from Youtube website. A digital portrait of the 21th Century. A tribute to Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol and J.G Ballard. (deleted from  my accounts by and Vimeo websites)
Music : Heitor Villa-Lobos

The Transmigration of Donovan Lynch from Thomas Cazals on Vimeo.
After the death of spiritual guru Maharishi Yogi appears in March 2008 on the internet a new life form, a new entity : Donovan Lynch. Half Donovan Leitch half David Lynch, Donovan Lynch exist thru the interpretations of YouTube fans of the scotish poet and californian film maker. Is Donovan Lynch the first web messenger, can we trust him and follow their ideas ?

Festival Filmer la Musique (Paris-2009)

J.G Ballard The Oracle of Shepperton (2008)
In the city of Shepperton (suburb of London), the dreamlike waves of the Oracle of Shepperton, aka famous writer James Ballard, bring the population and two french journalists in a surrealist nightmare beyond the limits of his life, history and reality.

Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Montréal-2008)
Festival Internationat de Science-Fiction (Nantes-20

Philip K. Dick from Blade Runner to Minority Report (2005)
A documentary about influences of Philip K.Dick's books on contemporean artists : Musician D.J Spooky, french designer Philippe Starck, filmmaker David Cronenberg, composer Jim O.Rourke, Rap french band La Caution...

Music by Paul D. Miller aka D.J Spooky that Subliminal Kid

Festival Etonnants-Voyageurs (St-Malo-2007)