Clips/Commercials/Short Movies

Les Cinocks (2011)
Two french girls speak about Kathryn Bigelow's "The Hurt Locker"

Back to stéréo (2010)
A 3D anaglyph interviews series with Olivier Forest
Filmer la Musique/La Gaité Lyrique

Nike Commercial
Directed by Thomas Cazals

Lcd Sound System New York I love you
Directed by Thomas cazals. Video clip for LCD Soundsystem song "New York I love you" (Sound of silver LP). Edited with an old film from the public domain directed by Carson Davidson about New York in the 50's and his famous outside metro.

Yuko Hirota
Yuko Hirota during the "concert agricole" in Dormelles (77) FRANCE.

Electrelane I want to be the president
Directed by Thomas cazals. "I want to be the president" by Electrelane. Summer 2008, the perfume of cold war.

Francoiz Breut La certitude
Paris les 3 Baudets. July 2010. Canon 5D et 7D.
Thomas Cazals & Eric Beaufils