Friday, April 08, 2011

New York I love you (4 years of YouTube comments)

The original film by Carson Davidson "Third Avenue El" (1954) with music by Wanda Landowska.In the public domain.

My mashup version with LCD Soundsystem song "New York I love you" (2007). After the last concert of the band in April 2011.
A selection of the best, funny or sweety YouTube comments since 2007 : 

NYC is a virgin. NYC will caress you like a first time lover. NYC is a whore. NYC will chew you up and spit you out. NYC has parks that smell like mountains and alleys that smell like piss. NYC will cheerfully step over you on the way out of the porn house. NYC will reverentially escort you into church. NYC is everything you love and hate about yourself. NYC doesn't give a damn about you. NYC is too busy being NYC for that shit. You don't "love" NYC, you fuck it.

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