Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alphaville Chronicles-First night in Sao paulo

Last night we arrived in Sao Paulo (Brasil). The perfume and the hot weather of the end of the summer in that part of Brasil put the city in a really strange mood. Buildings and beautiful trees (I don't know yet names but I'm investigate). Stephane told me that he sleeps 10 hours by night, he's sleeping now at 8 A.M. This afternoon we go to the city of Alphaville near Sao Paulo, with Isabelle, she's from Rio and really help us for the movie. The portugese is pretty hard to understand and participate to the surrealistic impression of the city. A lot of Taxi, Japanese food in Libertad Japanese part of the city and really pretty brasilian girls in a bar called "The Spot" on Paulista avenue yesterday night.

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