Thursday, May 24, 2007

Le grand homme

La vie est faite de telle manière que parfois on en vient à croiser de grands hommes. Récemment lors d'un tournage j'ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec un cameraman connu de tous les français. Tony Gauthier est l'homme qui était derrière la caméra, lors du fameux "
Au revoir" de Giscard après sa défaite aux élections présidentielles de 1981, c'est lui qui cadre le parfait zoom arrière à partir du visage de l'ex-président pour se fixer ensuite de manière à filmer Giscard qui se lève (il est grand) et lui permettre de quitter la scène grâce à des marques au sol qu'on ne voit pas à l'écran. Le lendemain, Tony Gauthier était le seul cameraman autorisé à être à l'intérieur du Panthéon, pour filmer Mitterrand poser une rose sur la tombe de Jean Moulin. Là aussi un vrai plan de cinéma. Hommage donc à Tony, vingt cinq ans plus tard, dans un tout autre décor en banlieue parisienne.

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  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Dear Thomas,

    We are writing to you because we are already working on the fourth edition of Kosmopolis 2008, an International Festival of Literature which will take place on October, 2008. Kosmopolis ( is not a book fair, neither a writer's convention nor a conventional festival of literature. It has been conceived as a feast-laboratory where Literature is the main focus of attention, interacting with the Arts and Sciences; a festival specially concerned with innovation or at least reform of the various formats in which Literature may be presented to the public. The subjects we deal with this year are:

    New Sections:
    Ø Writers and writings for the changing: How writers takes over a real responsibility in front of the global warming, the copy-right versus the copy-left (copy-fight), or the international terrorism (between other actual themes).
    Ø The medium are “You”: A synthetic proposal about the crisis of the corporative journalism in the XXth century and the emergent appearance of new and alternative media networks, including the possibility of a real changing between the emissary and the receiver of the messages: The “event” consumer becomes an “event” producer.
    Ø Kosmótica: From Hiperment, passing through Lector Mundi, arriving at Blogosphere (for more info about this
    Ø Spoken Word and the Poetry’s future
    Ø Milton’s Paradise Lost anniversary

    Ordinary sections:

    Ø Video-literature
    Ø Techni’Ks
    Ø Eccentric, heterodox and damned ones
    Ø Third Culture: collisions and imbrications between humanistic, scientific and technological subjects, methods, forms and contents.

    We are currently on the documentation stage for the contents of the Festival, and this year there is also this special space of the Festival devoted to imagine how a TV Channel on literature could be like, called Channel Alpha, where we screen programs related anyhow to literature: documentaries on authors or books, film adaptations, animation and videoart/filmpoems. Of course the Channel Alpha screenings will be related to the KO’08 subjects. We have considered that « J.G Ballard : l’oracle de Shepperton » could take part of one of our sections because we want to make a little hommage to J. G. Ballard.

    I know that you are in the post-production phase, but, I would like to know more things about the project just to consider the possibilty that this film takes part of the Channel Alfa schedule:
    -When it will be finished? Because Kosmopolis takes place on October 2008.
    -Which is the Ballard's role?
    -In case the film is not finished, a short version could be possible? Always it's better a shorter version.

    And an intriguing and personal question (because I'm a Joy Division admirer):
    -Finally have you put the Ian Curtis song altough the copyright pressure?

    To could take a final decision we should see it or part of it. We would like to ask you if you could provide us some extra documentary material: DVD, documentation... Visual material (like de DVD-VHS) will help us very much in this delicate process. Of course we could afford the sending expenses if there's some problem with the shipping. If you need more information, please, don't hesitate to ask us for it. Also, we will accept anyone suggestion you could do about programs you think should fill the Alpha Channel schedule.

    We would like to thank you in advanced your kind collaboration. I’m looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot in advanced.

    Best regards,